Photography Courses and Workshops 2016/17

Lightroom Course in Tech Amergin , Autumn 2016


Lightroom 6 Monday 7 – 9pm
Starting Monday 3rd October and will run for 6 weeks. Organise and edit your digital photos with Adobe Lightroom to create slideshows, photo books, prints etc… In this course you learn all the basic options and settings for a good workflow. The new features like HDR photography and panorama photo will be covered in this 6 week class.
Fee: €70.
Michael Herrmann

Tech Amergin digital photography level 5


Digital Photography Tuesday 7 – 10pm
The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory and practice of digital photography. Learn how to expose photographs correctly by using the right settings. Apply the correct digital editing tools and practices to produce high-quality final images. Ex­periment with various elements of composition. Illustrate individual creativity through the practice of photography.
Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI QQI level 5 5N1270 26 weeks.
Michael Herrmann

Tech Amergin Autumn 2016 Photography Beginners


Digital Photography for Beginners Thursday 7-9pm
Learn how to use the digital camera by selecting the right settings. The elements of your camera and the functions of the different features will be covered in this course to learn the basic photographic skills and techniques. You will also learn about the key elements of effective composition and how to mount photos correctly.
Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI QQI level 3 3N0791. 20 weeks.
Michael Herrmann

Autumn 2015 Photography Courses in Tech Amergin, Waterville


Several Photography Courses, from Weekend Course in Macro Photography, Adobe Lightroom to Fetac Level 3 and 5 are on offer starting this autumn 2015, read more and contact Tech Amergin or me for information and enrollment read more

Two day photo workshop Macro Photography


Friday 8th May 6-9pm and Saturday 9th May, 10am-1pm
organised by Tech Amergin, Waterville... read more

Digital Photography for Beginners, FETAC Level3


Thursdays, 7-9pm in Tech Amergin... read more

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing


Mondays, 7-9pm in Tech Amergin, starting February 2015 read more

FETAC Level 5 Digital Photography


has started this November 2014 in Tech Amergin.